Welcome Everyone

Welcome Everyone

Hey Everyone

Welcome to my blogging page. This is where I will be talking about everything and anything. Not just about fitness, but lifestyle too, for example; I’m not just a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I’m also a firefighter too, in which I will be working shifts which includes night shifts too. So fitting my training in can sometimes be very difficult, and not to mention my eating habits, when I have broken sleep patterns, due to call outs.
How can I forget about my family, my 2 year old son and my lovely lady, so I have to keep them happy too while I keep my training up.
I will also be blogging about my views on the fitness industry, my experiences, classes that I go to, events that I present at and much more.
Throughout all of this, I will be completely honest. So when my diet isn’t great and my motivation to train is low, I will tell you. That means for every week that I blog, will be posting my weekly food intake and training, in which I will be showing you all of my calorie intake, and the calories burnt.
I would like to share this journey with you all, so feel free to comment after my blogs, and we can interact.


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